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Ladies Stretchersize
Ladies Stretchercise meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-9 in the morning in the Community Building. Bring a mat, weights of your choice, a bottle of water and a good sense of humor! We spend about 15 minutes on the mats stretching all our muscle groups along with some weight work. Then we stand and do Balance work and some more stretching and weight work for another 15 minutes followed by "sweat to the oldies" for some aerobics for the next 30 minutes! It is FREE, FUN and a good workout for most any age! Jean Pines, Leader, 903- 882-1925 (for 17 years!!)

Ladies Body Sculpting Class
Tues/Fri 9:30am – 10:30am 
Tues/Thurs 6:30pm -7:30pm
Cassandra Gann 903 574-1769

Spirit Song Yoga
Monday 8:30 am Community Building
Karen Stopher 1-970-217-7887

Texercise for Seniors
Come and join your neighbors for a good flexibility workout each Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9:20 am. Workout begins with 10 minutes optional walking inside the Community Building (at Funtier Park) followed by stretching and breathing exercises for the next 1/2 hour (finished by 10am). Everyone participates at their own pace. The program is not just a 'girly thing'; we have men attending, too! Some exercises are done standing with stretching, breathing and balancing. Other exercises are performed sitting for arms and shoulders using stretchy bands, and leg lifts to tone muscles. There are about 30 exercises in all dealing with calf muscles, biceps and triceps, shoulders, hips, legs, neck & facial muscles, elbows, knees, feet and heels. Attendance currently averages 12 - 14 each session with room for more. Our current leaders share the workout: Ginny Moser, Ceil Nolley, and Marsha Eaton 903 881-5393. 

 Tuesdays at 8 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Community Building

Weights Workout
Mondays 6am  LL 30-60 Minutes Contact Sharon Puder Conner - 850 449 0986 

Weight Lifting for Ladies
Tuesday & Friday LL 9:30 – 10:30am Leah McLarry 972 816-3038 

Bee Present Yoga

Weekly classes at 6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beginners are welcome. Donations appreciated.
Contact Kay Pogue Fairbanks for more information. 303 947-6776 Classes in LL.

Pool Aerobics
Available throughout the summer. These classes are volunteer led Monday thru Friday and start at 6:30 am, 7:30 am and 8:30 am, from Memorial Day until September 30. No registration or fee is required, just show up and jump in the pool.


Oil Painting 
Every Monday 1 - 5pm
Joyce Wilson 903-882-1019

Art League 
All Hideaway artists, photographers, art enthusiasts and residents are invited to our meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:30pm in the Community Building (September through May). A brief business meeting will be followed by an art demonstration and refreshments. Everyone is invited! The Art League is also responsible for the Clubhouse exhibits for both artists and photographers. President Angela Jobe 903-882-5888

Photography Club 
The Photography Club members are automatically members of the Art League for $20 a year for a single or couple. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:30am in the Community Building (September thru May). We offer photography ‘how to’ demonstrations and have an outing or two each year. After an outing the meetings hold “Show and Tell” with facts about the camera gear used and some critique by the audience. All types of camera gear from iPhones, iPads, Point and Shoot and ‘the big stuff’ are covered, so anyone just liking to take photos for fun is encouraged to join us. Contact President Jan Arroyo 972 310-2559.

We are a small group that is part of the Tyler Quilt Guild. We meet the Third Thursday of most months from 9:30 until noon, maybe later at times, at the Hideaway Marina. Most of us do our quilting on our own and present "Show 'n Share" at the meetings. We usually have a program of sorts where one will do a demo or we may do a group sewing project. We welcome new members anytime. Once every year we make pillows for the Cancer Society for the breast cancer patients. If you're interested in joining us or just want to sit in to see what we do, call Ceil Nolley (903 881-0786) for more information or just come to a meeting, third Thursday at 9:30 at the Marina South room. Not everyone is a member of the Tyler Quilt Guild, but in order to participate in the guild projects, membership is encouraged. The following website explains the Tyler Quilt Guild - Click on their Quilt Show link for more information

Sewing & Quilters
We’re open to any sewing projects. We meet weekly at the Marina starting in January 2019 to share information and ‘how to’ instructions on any type of sewing project. We started as a group to make quilts for charity, and still make some for babies and toddler charities, but have many other projects. Call Sandra Sims for more information: 903 882-8037. 

Knitting Guild 
10am to noon 2nd Friday
Sharon Green 903-882-7844


Women’s GOLF

WGA 9 Hole
New members are welcome to this fun group of golfers anytime throughout the year. The annual dues are $30 and playdays are every Friday at 9 a.m. from March through November. Sign up is from 7:30 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. prior to tee off each Friday. Questions? Call Kathy Strain at 903-882-5606/903-521-2345. If you want to join, make your checks out to 9 Hole Women’s Golf Association and add $3 for “Ringers.” Bring $3 each week for prize money and $.25 cents for putts. 

WGA 18 Hole
The annual dues are $40. There is no limit to handicap to join. They play every Tuesday March through November at 9:00. Signup sheets are in the ladies lounge each week. If you wish to join, please contact Maureen Hudlow, Membership Chairman, 903 882 3002. For this organization your check should be made out to "18-Hole WGA" in the amount of $40 or $43. If you make it out for $43 you will automatically be entered to participate in "Ringers." 

LGA – Ladies Golf Association
Annual Dues are $20.
Officers are: President: Ann Oughton - Vice President: Guyla Sever - Secretary/treasurer: Rose Godoy
 Three tournaments are scheduled on weekends each year. If interested, please contact Donna Liebbe at or 903 882-8345.

Men’s GOLF

9 Hole
Wednesday 7:30am
Mike Newsom 903 881-5885

18 Hole
Thursday 8:30am
Sam Knox 903-881-5484

The HUSTLERS are a group of Hideaway men who play golf EVERY Saturday and Sunday morning.  The skill level of the players are far-ranging.  Scores are usually based upon net results of team play.  There is a one-time fee of $10 to join and the cost to play is currently $10, which provides a payout for the winning teams.  Sign-up to play begins at 7:30am in the Clubhouse Grill.  Show-Up, Sign-Up, Pay-Up.... you're in!
Playing with the Hustlers is a great way to introduce yourself to the Hideaway golf course, meet new friends, and enjoy a refreshment in the Men's Card Room after the round. 

Paul Smith 903 882-3287

Like to play tennis in Hideaway? We have a part time tennis pro on staff for lessons of junior and adults.
Men, women and juniors are welcome to join, and play will be based on particular interests. We will have evening mixers, group adult lessons, and group junior lessons. USTA league play is in the works if we have enough interest. Contact Josh Way for more information. (903) 932-3993 or  
We also have volunteer days to improve our tennis courts. 
For members with children in Lindale ISD,
go to Facebook: "Lindale Junior High Tennis" or "Lindale High School Tennis". 
Women’s’: Lindale Tennis Association’s Ladies Double Tennis Ladder.
For more information contact Mary Anne McKenzie at 903-882-3039. 

The Pickleball Group meets at Pineview Park (now with 6 courts available) on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at 8:00am, and Sunday afternoons at 2:30 pm. Courts are available at other times and days as well, paddles and balls are typically available for newcomers, and beginners are always welcome. Contact is Kathleen Davis at 903 881-8522 for more information.

Fishing Club
Sponsors the Hideaway Junior Fishing Rodeo each spring.


Dinner and Dance Club of Hideaway Lake 
Originally known as the Hideaway Ballroom Dance Club.  Yes, you really had to know how to ballroom dance.  Now days, it is more of a social club that brings people together to enjoy dancing, live entertainment, and delicious dinners.  There are five dance events per year, held on the third Saturday in the months of September, November, January, March and May.  Three dances are formal; the other two are semi-formal.  Please contact Gwyn Horn at 903-312-9066 for more information and ask how you can be a guest!

Line Dance
Mondays 1:30-3pm 3-4:15pm in the Lower Lodge
Lucy Atwood 903-881-5592 


Bridge Men
every Monday 8am – noon
Jack Davis 903-881-8821 (call first)

Monday Night Bridge
Monday 6-10 pm
Joe Harper – 903-920-2123 (call first)

Tuesday Practice Bridge
every Tuesday (Sept. – May) 8 - noon
Jack Preston - 903-882-3758 (call first) 

Contract Bridge Ladies
Wednesday 9am - noon
J. Linda Johnson, 903-881-5482 (call to reserve a place)

Duplicate Bridge Ladies
Thursday 9:30 – Noon
Helen Marberry, 903-882-3949 (call first) 

Ladies Bunco
Thursday 6 – 9pm
Andi Middendorf 903 881-2177 

Bunko Babes
1st Thurs. 6:30pm UL
Tony Johns 214-289-7078

Open Mah-Jongg
Marina middle room - 1-3 pm - 2nd Tuesday & 4th Thursday. Come, bring your players, card and set. Or, if you're not able to do that, call either Doris or Jacque to tell them you're coming so they can be sure we have 4 players until the word gets around. If you just show up, you may be the only one. Hope to see you soon. Contact Persons: Doris Barner 903 881-0130 or Jacque Christian 903 882-8154. 

“Open” Mah Jongg
 Play is every Tuesday & Wednesday, 1 – 4pm at the Lower Lodge This is for players who already know the game but want to practice with others to get more proficient or just have fun. Contact Carol Warren 817 614-3315.

Tuesday 5:30 – 10pm
P.K.Tarpenning 903 882-3334

Hold'em Poker
Thursday 5:00pm
Pat Fengler 972-345-8962

Hold'em/Omaha Poker
Monday 7-11:30pm
Bill Kashouty 903-882-9854


2nd Friday 11:30AM – 4PM
Kathy Rice – 903 882-7195

42 Club

The 42 Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6:30 pm at the Lodge.
For more information contact Tony Wolfskill 214.608.1543.

Ladies Game Night

1st and 3rd Monday 6:30 – 10PM
Vivian Lawson 903 882-1820 (MUST CALL AHEAD)

The Game Group
every Friday 6 – 9pm
Ruthie Goolsby – 430 235-1022 (bring your favorite game)

Joker Game Night

3rd Tuesday 6pm 
Barbara Clasen 903-882-3333

Church/Bible Study/Support

Hideaway Lake Community Church 
Service Sunday 8am
Sunday School Sunday 9:15am
Service Sunday 10:30am

Women's Bible Study
 Every Thursday 10am

Men's Bible Study 
Saturday 7am

Link to Life Group
Link to Life is a support group that meets every other Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Marina in Hideaway. This group helps support those who suffer from depression and/or anxiety. Jean Boyer is the facilitator of the group. She states that everybody who deals with these illnesses needs a "link" to connect them to life. Please come and join her. For more information please call or text Jean at 903-343-5419.

So Many More Groups to Join

Book Review
The Hideaway Book Review Club meets at the Lodge on second Monday each month at 9:30 am with light refreshments being served at 9:00 am.  Lila Driver 903 882-9605

Hideaway Singles
Hideaway Singles for Fellowship and Fun: Are you looking to make new single friends? Are you looking for fun and fellowship? Join us for dinner and drinks every Tuesday evening. Put it on your calendar and RSVP by noon on Tuesdays so you will have a place at the table.
Contact: Bonnie: 985-630-6528 -
Future plans include: * Dinner and a Movie * Game Night * Superbowl Party * Day trips to interesting places * Theatre * Symphony * Maybe a bus trip to the casinos. So, to be a part of this fun, you need to come to dinner on a Tuesday evening and give us your contact information so you'll know what's being planned. Bring your ideas for fun things to do.

Classic Car Club 
Pat David 903-376-3511

Get Happy Singers
The Get Happy Singers chorus is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who likes to sing, to experience it again with friends and neighbors here in Hideaway. We perform twice a year (Spring and Christmas) in front of 300 people in the club house to raise money for local organizations or just sing to solute our veterans, which we have done twice. All our singers are from Hideaway and we practice on Sunday evening at 6:00 to 7:15 at the lodge for 9 weeks prior to each performance. We have been singing for seven years and have 50 plus people in our chorus. If you are interested, please call Cal Shipman at 903-881-0126.

Ladies Night Out
1 st Wed 6pm 
Jan Morris 903 882-3635

If you have questions about Kiwanis, please visit us. We meet on Tuesdays at the Hideaway Lake Clubhouse. The meeting begins at 12:00 Noon and lunch is available at 11:30 for a nominal fee. We look forward to seeing you.

4th Wednesday 5:30pm
Wanda Baldridge 903-705-3322

RV Club
We meet on the 4th Tuesday every month September to June. Remember you don’t have to have a RV, just a love of travel, to join us. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Doug Jones (928) 274-5636 . More RV Club details will be printed in future HAWL newspaper articles and the RV Club blog at 

Three Lakes Garden Club 

3rd Monday 8 - 11am
Aletha Cox, 903 882-8303

Keep Hideaway Beautiful
2nd Tuesday 9am
Elaine Yenne 903-881-8675Library Volunteers
Kathleen Davis 903-881-8522 

Property Owners Service Association 
POSA is a service organization that provides residents with many activities to promote the welfare, education, and enhancement of our community. In 1978, the President of the POSA founded the “Hide-A-Way Country News” to keep residents, especially those out of town, informed of Club management activities and humaninterest stories. The tabloid-sized newspaper later became a broadsheet publication now known as the Hideaway News, which celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2013. Published under the auspices of the POSA, the newspaper is under the direction of an independent editor and publisher. The News is totally self-sufficient, with advertising defraying the expenses. The monthly publication is mailed at no charge to Hideaway residents. The telephone directory is another publication started by the POSA. The directory is managed under the same arrangement as the newspaper and is also produced and distributed with revenues obtained from advertising sales.
POSA now sponsors many activities throughout the year, including Spring and Fall Cleanup days for disposal of large unwanted items, “Meet the Candidates” forum with Club and City candidates, monthly Birthday and Anniversary night door prizes, an annual picnic in the park, and a holiday lighting contest. POSA is funded by donations and membership drives. It is $10 to join, and applications are available at the Club office.