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Hide-A-Way Lake Community is a gated residential community located north of Interstate 20 about thirteen miles northwest of Tyler in northwestern Smith County. Hide-a-way's roots have all the elements of a rich heritage. Historically, this land was part of a large plantation settled by Richard Hubbard, Sr. and his wife Serena, who came to Texas in 1854 in a covered wagon train from central Georgia to live near Serena's family, the Carters who were already established in Texas.

The 720-acre plantation prospered for many years with Richard Hubbard, Jr. continuing after his father's death. But the allure of politics and government was too much for Richard Jr. to resist. He established his family in Tyler and proceeded to have an illustrious career in politics as Lt. Governor and later Governor of Texas. It was not until 1939 that R. W. Fair purchased the once known plantation lands of the Hubbards from family members who had inherited the land. But again it was not until 1967, when James W. Fair and his development colleagues decided to develop a community that was located within a two-hour drive from Dallas. The land had been conveyed to James Fair from his father in 1964. The developers' original design was to accommodate weekenders, with only a few permanent residents.

They acquired additional land to allow for a nine-hole golf course, an airstrip, park, a stable and home sites. Since that first big vision that James Fair had for Hide-A-Way, the community has undergone numerous changes, renovations, facelifts, and weathered many growing pains to become the community it is today. From 66 permanent residents and 139 weekenders in 1971 until today where there are over 1700 homes and over 3500 residents, Hide-A-Way is a great place to live with numerous activities from golf, tennis, to every type of game and activity; from park parties to dance clubs.

Hide-A-Way remains a small community that derives its endurance from its residents and their dedication to community involvement. Throughout it all, much of the breathtaking beauty of Hide-A-Way is reflected in the overall happiness of its residents at having found such a heavenly place to call home. Factual data from Hubbard & Hideaway: A History, published January, 2001